Appointment Considerations

All high class escorts in Kensington have personal and professional boundaries which must be respected. These boundaries help to ensure discretion and privacy are maintained so that every client appointment is a positive experience.

Appointment Requests

When it comes to appointments there are many reasons why gentlemen request the company of high class Kensington escorts. Most appointment requests are fairly common and straightforward – dinner for two at an exclusive London restaurant, an overnight stay at a prestigious London hotel or an invitation to red carpet premier or lavish business engagements. From time to time however the appointment requests may be a little more unusual.

If you’re planning to book an appointment with a high class escort in Kensington it is recommended that you think twice, if you have any of the following ideas in mind…



Unless your appointment booking clearly states that you would like a couple’s escort experience never bring a friend along to an appointment with a high class London escort. No matter how friendly and approachable your perfect elite Kensington escort may be she will not consider sharing you with another person. There are many high class Kensington escorts who are happy to spend time with you and another attractive escort companion, but they will only do so if they are aware of your request prior to the start of the appointment.



Some gentlemen book appointments with adventurous elite Kensington escorts because they are looking for someone to help them explore the more daring side of their personality. Role playing, dressing up and fantasy play are fairly common and acceptable appointment requests. If you’re a gentleman who has a more specific interest that includes kinky, fetish or exhibitionist games always make a special request when booking your online appointment with your preferred high class Kensington escort. Failure to do so may mean you’ll be disappointed.



High class escorts in Kensington don’t do quickie appointments. Appointments are booked on an hourly basis and can be extended beyond this, to include overnight stays. A brief 20 minute appointment that fits into your hectic daily schedule cannot be considered.



Showing up for your appointment in an intoxicated state is not recommended. Always show the utmost respect for the elite Kensington escort you have booked an appointment with by making sure you are presentable and well mannered at all times. Drinking excessively, or taking other stimulants, to calm your nerves is considered to be unacceptable behaviour.