Chinese dining with Mayfair escorts

There’s no shortage of Chinese restaurants in London, or indeed in Mayfair. But as you would expect from us here at London Deluxe, we’re going to tell you about one of the best Chinese restaurants. We are talking specifically about Kai Mayfair…

Kai Mayfair is a very elegant and upmarket restaurant. They don’t let restaurants get into the Sunday Times best restaurant guide for no reason. Kai Mayfair has made it into the top 100 in 2012 and 2015. Mayfair is the perfect location for this restaurant, since it offers arguably the finest Chinese cuisine you’re likely to get in London today.

Our Mayfair escorts recommend

We strongly urge you to go to Kai Mayfair of course, but we would like to share with you some of our favourites so that you have a good reason. The small plates they offer at lunch are actually very enjoyable, if you’re out in the day that is. Incidentally, don’t ever think that you only have to take our Mayfair escorts out for dinner. We have it on very good authority that the Norwegian Halibut and the Wasabi Prawns are simply to die for if you’re having lunch at Kai.

Dinner and romance

You can get all the romance you need from one of our Mayfair escorts, but it does help to “romance” them in the right place. Kai Mayfair has a lovely ambience. The décor promotes a lovely mood and the lighting isn’t too bright. There are enough quite spots to have a private conversation with your date and the waiting staff aren’t the type to interfere or interrupt you; they simply bring your food cheerfully and allow you to get on with it.

For dinner our Mayfair escorts recommend a number of things from the menu, including: the Little Shanghai Spare ribs, Roasted Chilean Seabass, and in particular the Kagoshima Wagyu Beef. The wine list is also very vast and tasteful, if you have a palate for fine wine that is. You can bet that our companions do; they’ve had lots of experience.

Mayfair escorts are the only reason you need to eat out!

The best reason to eat out in a restaurant of this calibre is that you have the opportunity to take one of our Mayfair escorts with you. These girls simply adore eating out in style, and many of them love traditional Chinese cooking and the glorious creations they present at Kai Mayfair.

Kai Mayfair

65 South Audley Street

London W1K 2QU