Glamour Videography: A New Way to Express Yourself

As with all industries, London glamour photography is constantly evolving, and there are countless opportunities to create more exciting shoots using a variety of different camera techniques.

In addition to the classic photo shoots, in glamour photography studios and on exciting different sets, a new trend of aspiring models requesting video has emerged.

Moving pictures

Videography has become a popular extra for glamour models looking to utilise their skills in a more expansive, enticing way.

Working alongside a photographer on a photo-shoot, a cameraman will capture the intricacies of the day. It is easy to forget that the way you strike a pose and respond to direction is exciting in itself, and a video will let you use that to your advantage.

Glamour photography companies such as UK Glamour photo video will shoot, edit and produce high quality short movies revealing your inner beauty in motion.


When undertaking glamour photography in London one of the vital parts of the day is the makeover and styling you receive before going on set.

With a cameraman, such as Mick Capture, the makeover will be fully appreciated from 360 degrees. The fluidity of video allows your body, make-up and clothing to make the biggest impact possible.


To create a film that does everything you need, a cameraman must be able to manipulate the camera in certain exciting ways, realising the equipment’s full potential through zooming, panning and use of lighting.

Professional or personal

Whether you’re putting together a glamour photography portfolio, or just looking to make a special gift for a partner, adding videography to a photo-shoot will give the day an exciting new dimension.

Movie star

Posing for video is similar to photo shooting but there is a level of intense concentration that needs to be maintained when the camera is rolling.

This intensity often produces films that are seductive and appealing, and it is well worth combining your day on set with a video-shoot.

If you would like to find out more about videography, why not explore and view how other models have used film to boost their image and enhance their day on set.