Involving All of the Senses in a Tantric Massage

At Guilty Pleasures London, our girls understand that incorporating all of the human senses is important in order to achieve a heightened state of pleasure. A traditional tantric massage London might just work certain muscle areas or groups, or concentrate on a certain element of therapy. A tantric massage, however, involves the entire body and mind, including the senses.

Your masseuse may use candles to create a gentle ambiance that will encourage you to unwind. We have aromatherapy candles and massage candles whereby the wax can be used as an aid to an erotic massage London. Many of our girls have received training in the ancient practice of tantra and can incorporate meditation, breathing techniques, visualization, or chanting into the treatment. The purpose of this is to empty your mind of all stress, strains, or concerns, because for the duration of your massage, you can leave any worries outside the door.

Scented or aromatherapy oils can be used to stimulate the olfactory senses, or perhaps you respond well to music? To further arouse the senses, your masseur can use feathers to tantalize you, or perhaps you prefer something a bit rougher to stimulate you? Please let us know when you book your massage treatment what you would like to incorporate into your erotic massage according to what appeals to your senses, as we know that tastes do differ.

And of course, our girls know all about the wonderful sense of touch. Our masseuses are highly skilled, coming from a background in the massage industry, and have received further training when they come to us. They know how to massage the entire body to manipulate the energies that flow around the body, and how to complement this with a sensual body to body massage treatment. Call or email Guilty Pleasures Tantric Massage and discover for yourself how all of your senses can be stimulated by a tantric massage London.