Meeting a Masseuse from London Tantric

I caught the gaze of Daniella from across the table at a bar. Her eyes were the deepest green I had ever seen. She swung her hair to the side and it just barely grazed her shoulder, the long dark strands reminded me of a clear night’s sky. When she laughed her mouth opened, unabashed, and her thumbnail (1)perfectly aligned teeth lit up the entire room. She was surrounded by men and women who clung on to her every word. She moved effortlessly, every movement of her wrist looking like a studied dance. Oh and she danced like she knew exactly where to move her hips to catch the light of her shiny and expensive looking outfit. She looked like one of those women you simply dream about but convince yourself can’t be real.

Usually, I’m not very outgoing but I was so taken by this beautiful creature that I simply had to go ahead and go over to her and say hello. As it turned out Daniella wasn’t like many girls that look like she does. She invited me in for conversation and even offered to buy me a drink. Her skin was shining like she had just poured hot oil all over herself and let it dry. Her voice was low and yet she laughed without a care in the world. The kicker was that not only was she beautiful but she was smart, attentive and just overall a nice girl. I opened up to her and for some reason wanted to tell her about my worries and how my marriage was falling apart and how I no longer felt a connection to my own kids. She listened and never once asked me to stop. At the end of the night she touched my shoulder and said she understood what I was going through and if I wanted some help all I had to do was call a number written on a card. She explained to me that she was a tantric massage therapist and that she would gladly help me with my problems.

Calling Daniella at London Tantric was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She taught me ways to please my wife, reminded me how to connect to others and now I have an amazing drinking buddy who looks like a Greek Goddess. What more could I ask for?