New London Escort Agency!

It seems like there are London escort agencies opening by the day at the minute, but how do you know which of them are going to be a success story and which are going to be a nightmare! Honeys of London is an example of one of the agencies that I think are going to make a huge impact, in a good way! They have an amazing website built by Adult Creative¬†and although there are no girls up on the site yet, you can just tell that they are going to attract some seriously hot escorts. Honeys of London say that they are a high class escort service in London, and I really think that they will be one of the most exclusive agencies, from the text on their site, it is very clear that they understand everything that the client wants and they are doing everything that they can to meet these need. Although new, the people behind this agency clearly have a lot of experience in the adult industry and have brought this knowledge and skill set to this exciting new agency. But don’t think that this new agency aren’t ready to take your calls yet, despite not having any girls on the site, they have several world class models waiting to satisfy your every need!

So where do you take and amazing, beautiful girl like the ones from Honeys? My favourite restaurant at the minute and somewhere I would definitely recommend taking a gorgeous London escort is the Ledbury. With two Michelin stars it certainly has the form, for an attractive young beauty from Honey’ s. The renovated London pub has a great chilled out yet extremely romantic and intimate atmosphere¬†and the food is just outstanding, with strong English flavours cooked in just the right way!