The Cadogan Contemporary escorts fine art to Kensington

London is home to some of the most renowned art galleries in the Western Hemisphere, as a world centre for culture and the arts it has an abundance of galleries that showcase the finest artworks ever made past and present. The Elgin Marbles reside somewhat controversially in the British museum, Monet’s The Beach at Trouville is in the National Gallery and Constables Study of Cirrus Clouds calls the Victoria & Albert home to name but a few.  As well as old masters much contemporary art can be found in the city, one of the most notable modern art galleries is the Cadogan Contemporary, 87 Old Brompton Road, SW7 3LD, in the heart of the refined district of Kensington.

The Cadogan art gallery exhibits in London

The Cadogan Art Gallery, London.

Founded in the early nineteen eighties by Christopher Burness, the Cadogan Contemporary is an independent English art gallery that has showcased contemporary works of art for over thirty years. This refined Kensington art gallery has exhibited works from that range from realism to abstraction from critically acclaimed and up and coming artists. With a firm focus on British artists, they choose their display pieces carefully to ensure they connect with their audience in Kensington. The Cadogan has evolved with its artists and gone on a journey with them from unknown to internationally renowned and as such has many artists loyal to this renowned Kensington art gallery. The gallery has a legion of loyal fans including the Kensington escorts from Exclusive Company London Escorts.

Their current exhibition is by Bridget and Amber Leaman, a mother and daughter collective who specialise in abstract landscapes. From their home in Cornwall, the artist’s paintings evoke the wild landscape of the Lizard Peninsula in which they reside. Using vivid colours and abstract brushstrokes they recreate the beautiful backdrop they call home in an arousing and mesmerising manner. With an ever-changing catalogue of exhibitions, there is always something new and exciting to experience at this pioneering Kensington art gallery.

Interior of the cadogan gallery kensington

Interior of the Cadogan Gallery, Kensington.

Alongside exhibiting fine contemporary art they also work collaboratively with leading interior designers, architects and property developers to source artworks for homes and businesses. The homes of Kensington are majestic and expansive and only afforded by the super rich. These affluent homeowners from Oligarchs to royalty to Kensington escorts want only the very best for their majestic mansions and the Cadogan gallery can provide them with beautiful and very valuable artworks that will impress even the most knowledgeable art lovers. The Cadogan Contemporary is an elite gallery that stood the test of time and only gotten better with age.