Top tips for glamour shoot skin

Glowing, healthy-looking skin is a prerequisite for London glamour photography. Some of this radiance will be down to nature and good genes, but there’s also plenty you can do to provide your complexion with a pre-shoot boost.

b_glamour-photography-london-150Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

Well cared for skin will require less cover-up, allowing your natural beauty to shine through. The simple and obvious steps of good skin care shouldn’t be ignored: drink plenty of water, eat well, exfoliate, cleanse and moisturise daily and avoid excessive exposure to the sun.

What are you hiding?

In a London glamour photography studio, no photographer will want to shoot you hidden behind a mask of foundation. You will, however, want to conceal any blemishes and dark circles from the scrutiny of studio lighting. A useful rule of thumb is that concealer, particularly for the under the eye area, should be a couple of shades lighter than your skin tone, in order to balance the darker skin areas you’re lightening.

A Work of Art

Sculpt the cheekbones you always wanted with bronzing powder. The look is a little more sophisticated than traditional rouge or blusher and produces the effect of a healthy summer glow, particularly when applied to the cheeks and nose. Shimmer dusts applied on top reacts beautifully with studio lamps to create a soft radiance. The slightly metallic effect is contemporary and exudes a more natural glamour.

Shine, Not Shiny

Radiant skin is hot: shiny skin is not. To avoid the appearance of a greasy t-zone, have some matte powder to hand at all times and reapply at regular intervals, as and when required. It’s hot under those studio lights. Perfect skin is a key element of a glamour photography portfolio, but more important still is the natural confidence and seductiveness of a model who is perfectly happy in her own skin. This is your moment; be who you really are.