Touch is the Best Medicine

One of the first things we learn as children is that touch is warm and inviting. Then we learn that there are different kinds of touching, different kinds1473781616_staff_563_57d81f705c4a6_tn of caresses but still, even as adults we have it engrained in our mind that touch is, usually, about pleasure. Children that are deprived of touch usually grow up with issues that can’t be fixed as easily as one might think. Think of how many times you’ve taken touch for granted until that moment when you just need a hug. Hugs are essential to our wellbeing and by accepting that we need touch in our lives we accept that we are human beings.

Of course touch, even pleasurable touch, comes in many forms and not all of them have to be sexual. Sensual touch, the touch that gets you excited but doesn’t lead to intercourse is actually a very important part of our lives and learning how to accept it, use it, and cherish it means that you will live a healthier and much more fulfilling life. At one time or another in our life we’ve heard the phrase ‘being needy’ which refers to a person who seems to constantly be craving human affection. This is actually a sign that they simply don’t feel safe or comfortable and a great way to deal with that is simply by engaging them in touching so that they can feel that everything is alright. Another form of touch that might be helpful to anyone feeling like they are not getting their ‘fair share’ of touch is through tantric massages from agencies like Tantric Dolls. These massages are geared toward having touch become nothing more than pleasure filled and to use the power of sensuality to stimulate the person receiving the massage. These massages are much more effective than any other kind of massage because while other massages involve touch their main concern isn’t the feeling of pleasure. When you get a tantric massage you will feel how your entire body can be a vessel of pleasure and how another person’s warmth is truly the best medicine.